News with the Kids

“I Still Think Everybody Should Be Equal.” - The Women’s March Experience - Ep. 11

January 27, 2017

Last weekend, we did something that scared us: We drove several hours to Washington, D.C., donned pink hats and joined one million people to peacefully demonstrate with The Women's March.

Traffic wasn't frightening and neither were the crowds.

The crowds. Still searching for the right words. When I looked down a side street and saw still more thousands of people, my eyes teared up every time. So much diversity in age, race, and even gender. We lost count of the number of people participating in wheelchairs. At one point, a long chain of visually-impaired women weaved past us, with hands griping the shoulder in front of them.

And so many different signs: For equality. For kindness. For the environment.

Yes, there were plenty of negative signs and chants about the President, too. We didn't do that. In this podcast, the tween and I discuss why we kept quiet when we marched past The Trump Hotel. 

This podcast runs shorter than usual. The reason: We recorded early in the week while the memories remained fresh. However, Daughter was tired from the exciting weekend. That's what happens when you take part of history and walk more than nine miles in one day.