Reboot of News with the Kids

January 20, 2019

Kicking off 2019 with a reboot of News with the Kids. We'll have stories that may or may not be about the kids and will rarely, if ever, relate to the news. 

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“While the Plane was in Motion?” - Ep. 15 - The United Airlines Passenger Dragged Off the Plane

April 18, 2017

FINALLY! We're baaaaack! We sound better thanks to our new MacBook Pro (and goodbye to our pain in the ASUS Chromebook!). We return with a two-way discussion about the no-way flight Dr. David Dao experienced on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville, KY on April 9. The tween and I tackle what would we do if we were passengers on that flight and other options the airlines and Dr. Dao could have taken. I confirmed from multiple reports after the podcast that Dr. Dao is a physician.

“I Thought the Nazis Were Done.” - Hate Crimes and Prejudice - Ep. 14

February 24, 2017

In light of the rash of bomb threats against Jewish community centers across the country and the 170+ tombstones knocked over at a Jewish cemetery in a St. Louis suburb (which the police are not calling a hate crime), the Tween and I talk about what exactly is a hate crime. We also delve into the meaning of the word prejudice and, to lighten the mood, terrible jokes. As Daughter put it, "This will be so offensive to blondes, though."

We did talk about felonies and misdemeanors, too. For the record, there are various state and federal laws about hate crimes. That part had to be cut because of the dog's jangling collar in the background combined with the sound of family members opening and closing the fridge repeatedly in hopes that something other than spinach & cheese ravioli leftovers would magically appear on the shelves. 

“This is Tricky.” - The Weekly News Quiz by The New York Times for Feb. 7-13, 2017 - Ep. 13

February 16, 2017

We're behind a week. To make up for the news we missed, the Tween and Mom read aloud the SAT-word-intense Weekly News Quiz by The New York Times. This parent is not proud that she knew who won Best Rap Album at the Grammys but not where the President said he stands on "One China." In fact, if you asked this parent what exactly One China is, she would have guessed a David Bowie album that also won a Grammy. 

“We’re Just United Immigrants When You Think About It in the Big Picture.” - Immigration Executive Order - Ep. 12

February 3, 2017

The teen and I tackle Trump's executive order on immigration and the proposed wall with Mexico. Sam questions people's reactions to the order, asks about other options for refugees, and notes that "a lot of things upset" his mother.

“I Still Think Everybody Should Be Equal.” - The Women’s March Experience - Ep. 11

January 27, 2017

Last weekend, we did something that scared us: We drove several hours to Washington, D.C., donned pink hats and joined one million people to peacefully demonstrate with The Women's March.

Traffic wasn't frightening and neither were the crowds.

The crowds. Still searching for the right words. When I looked down a side street and saw still more thousands of people, my eyes teared up every time. So much diversity in age, race, and even gender. We lost count of the number of people participating in wheelchairs. At one point, a long chain of visually-impaired women weaved past us, with hands griping the shoulder in front of them.

And so many different signs: For equality. For kindness. For the environment.

Yes, there were plenty of negative signs and chants about the President, too. We didn't do that. In this podcast, the tween and I discuss why we kept quiet when we marched past The Trump Hotel. 

This podcast runs shorter than usual. The reason: We recorded early in the week while the memories remained fresh. However, Daughter was tired from the exciting weekend. That's what happens when you take part of history and walk more than nine miles in one day. 

“I Hope This Thing Really is a Peaceful March.” - Women’s March on Washington 2017 - Part I - Ep. 10

January 19, 2017

Tonight, the women in our family are packing for our trip to Washington, D.C. to take part in the Women's March on Washington. Teen son and I discuss who's taking part in the march, what's the purpose, and why men are invited, too. We also talk about our safety concerns. Correction and full disclosure: 

  • The website is In the podcast, I incorrectly say
  • I have not fact-checked what our teen son said about the high school clubs and organizations.

“Where Did You Get This Information?” - Russia Hacking Election - Ep. 9

January 12, 2017

We explain the meaning of several words during this tween talk: Bipartisan, press conference, and Gaga ball. For those over the age of 10 who are unfamiliar with the game: Gaga ball is just like dodge ball, only you aim for hitting opponents below the waist. Just like Russia.

“‘Dude, Dude, Dude! You Should Totally Dab During Your Dad’s Inauguration!’” - Ep. 8

January 5, 2017

Time to tackle some lighter news about a kid who made national news. Seventeen-year-old Cal Marshall got grounded for dabbing while holding the Bible as his father, U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall of Kansas (R - the R is for Republican, D after a Congressman's name is for Democrat), was sworn in with House Speaker Paul Ryan. We describe the dab, its brief history, and its hilarity. We also discuss how long a teen should be grounded for such an offense and what that might entail.

“It’s a Hot Mess.” - Israel, Palestine and the U.N. Resolution - Ep. 7

December 30, 2016

The United Nations passed a resolution in December 2016 that basically says, "Hey, Israel, stop building settlements in disputed Palestinian territory. And you, Palestine, stop the acts of terrorism. Now both of you start talking, create two states and make peace like you said you would years ago." We go into more background about the Middle East Conflict, what U.S. Secretary of State Kerry said about the U.N. resolution, what President-elect Trump Tweeted, and Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu's reaction. We also read the United Kingdom's statement about the matter in an outrageous English accent.